Who Offers Hair Loss Services in Baton Rouge, LA?

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Tired of spending money on hair loss vitamins and shampoos? Make an appointment at Cultivated Roots Wellness Salon in Baton Rouge, LA. Our holistic salon specializes in natural hair loss treatments. We teach our clients to combat hair loss and scalp disorders with proper nutrition.

We also offer wellness programs that can bring back a balance of imbalances that can negatively impact hair growth and scalp health.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

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Excessive hair shedding and slow growth caused our owner to spend lots of money on shampoos and hair vitamins with no success. After completing her studies at Aveda, she continued her education in Trichology and nutrition to help herself and other women like her overcome hair loss issues. She's now certified by:

Integrative Health Practitioner
The World Trichology Society
The International Association of Trichologists

If you're struggling with hair or scalp problems, you can trust our nutritional trichologist to find a solution that's right for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for hair loss services.

Are you ready to get rooted?

If you're new to Cultivated Roots Wellness Salon, we'll start with a free, 15-minute consultation so you can learn more about our hair loss services. Our trichologist will discuss your concerns with you and develop a hair loss treatment plan that may include:

Diet changes

Hair care changes

In-salon treatments

Can't get to our Baton Rouge, LA salon? Ask us about our remote treatment programs. Call 225-441-5381 now to schedule a consultation.